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Energy Efficiency

          Solutions by application


          Our products, solutions and services are present at every link in the energy value chain. They can reduce your energy cost and CO² emission by 10% to 30%!

          Energy use analysis


          Understand and manage energy consumption of all relevant utilities (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) can reduce overall energy usage by 8 - 10%!

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          Energy tariff optimisation


          Negotiate advantageous supply agreements and develop strategies to leverage the best available tariffs will optimize the cost of consumed energy.

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          Energy reliability & availability


          Electrical networks are constantly affected by disturbances. For critical application continuity, they have to be managed efficiently depending on the acceptable levels of energy interruptions in each area.

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          Energy savings via application control


          In Industry:

               > Refrigeration Control 
               > Pumps & Fans Control
               > Other Industrial applications control 

          In Building:
               > Lighting Control     
               > Pumps & Fans Control
               > HVAC Control      
               > Room Control 
               > Building Automation 

          In Residential:
                > Home Control     
                > Public Lighting Control 

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          To know more 

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