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Energy Efficiency

          Application: Room Control


          Pains & drivers

          • Guest Room Control is a key application in an Hotel Building as it represent 70% of the floor usage and around 30% of the energy consumption.
          • Most of the Guest Room are still very traditional in term of lighting or temperature management: Mechnical light switch and autonomous temperature control with little integrations and basic functionality.
          • But, as Hotel Owner and Investor are very sensitive to the comfort of their guest as well as the efficiency of the room, different level of Guest Room Control can be installed in the room.

          Key objectives are:
          • Better comfort,
          • Advanced functionalities to differentiate from the competition,
          • Efficiency of the room in term of energy management as well as intercommunication with the Hotel staff,
          • Better level of Security for the guest.

          How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

          • Occupancy Monitoring can allow up to 30% of energy savings in a room. The room is in economy mode (reduced light, temperature, close curtains, …) when no one is in the room . Simple to more sophisticated solutions exist : Key Card Holders, Presence detectors, Communication with the Check-in/Check-out system, …

          • Guest Room Control allow as well to increase the level of comfort for the Guest :
            - Centralized Control with Bed Side Panel
            - Lighting Scene to easily control all the equipments of the room (Light, Temperature, Curtains, …)

          • Other functions can as well be integrated to the Guest Room Control to provide more control & a better efficiency :
            - Access Control,
            - Monitor and automatic billing ussge of Minibar,
            - …

          Different architectures can be proposed depending of the needs of the Hotel : from autonomous products, semi-distributed products to fully communicating architecture.
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          Success Stories

          • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
          • Palace Resort Cancun Mexico
          • Hilton Copenhagen Airport

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