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Energy Efficiency

          Main drivers

          • Server Virtualization – creates additional heat issues
          • Green Data Center – oversizing power and cooling needs wastes utility dollars
          • Enterprise Efficiency – compatability and flexibility with integrated scalable and modular solutions
          • Server Consolidation – creates increased heat density 
          • High Density – most data centers are built for 2kW per rack but new IT equipment is up to 30kW per rack
          • Simplification and Standardization – to increase speed of deployment of new equipment
          • One Solution Source – partnerships to best meet needs of rapidly changing environments, short and long term
          • Outsourcing of the Data Center – multiple  customers and users requires software for better management in center and remotely
          • Regulatory Requirements – new standards to reduce carbon footprints
          • Cost Control Pressures – global economies force strict cost controls in data centers; electricity are nearly equal to IT equipment costs
          • Energy Consumption – less than half the electrical power reaches teh IT load, the rest is consumed in power and cooling systems

          What can Schneider Electric do?

          • Defined Project Process to simplify the overall project experience and ensure the right decisions are made at the right time to bring project in on time, on budget with the expected performance.
          • Higher Availability solution by reducing human error, reducing the mean-time-to-recover, and the ability to provide predictable performance in high density environments.
          • Better Agility by utilizing standardized components that are quickly configured, sourced, and installed as a solution.  Modularity allows the solution to be scaled (up or down) quickly.
          • Lower Total Cost of Ownership with modular components allowing for a pay-as-you-grow model lowering capital costs.  Operating expenditures are reduced by designs and equipment that are optimized for electrical efficiency and by integrated software and control systems.
          • Complete Systems designed and optimized for data centers to provide effective solutions that address increased power and cooling needs.  Our solutions improve operations while accelerating data center moves, changes and adds.
          • Engineer-To-Order for highly customized systems (hardware & software) to meet any specification
          • Largest, World Class Service Organization to provide a complete portfolio of maintenance services for peace-of-mind after the installation.
          To know more

          To know more 

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          Success Stories

          • EMC - USA: Projected savings of more than $3M over three years. APC Professional Services provided Power

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