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Energy Efficiency

          Solutions for Electrical Energy


          Main drivers

          • Reliability of supply to match huge demand
          • Environmental pressure to reduce CO² emission
          • Growing demand with aging assets and workforce
          • Liberalization process on the value chain
          • Use of new IT and Communications technologies

          What can Schneider Electric do?

          • Increased power availability: Providing optimized solutions to increase your power quality and to reduce the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) as well as reduce your network outages.

          • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Cost savings thanks to reduced capital and operating costs will lead you to increased your revenue.

          • Implementation agility: Speed in implementation and operation as well as ability to scale fast will allow you to adapt your electrical network easily with reduced skill requirements.
          To know more

          To know more 

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          Success Stories

          • Jacksonville Electric Authority - USA: Divide by 50 the Power Quality report analysis time
          • Austin Energy, Texas - USA: Improve drastically power quality data reliability
          • Idaho Power utility - USA: Fix must faster the issues caused by power quality events
          • EPM Utility - Colombia: Improve EPM utility customer processes thanks to real time energy data and remote control
          • Utility in Marrakech – MOROCCO: L500 instead of Scada project, divide by 3 the cost of a traditional Scada project.
          • Utility in Rabat – MOROCCO: Substitution of existing old SCADA-DMS, divide by 2 power shortage.
          • Utility in Irbid – JORDANIA: Automation of Fault Detectors, divide by 10 the maintenance time.

          > EDEMSA : Increase revenue by decreasing the substation transformer losses
          > NEPCO : Divide by 5 the data billing measurement errors
          > Oncor : Highly enhance the communication costs in remote areas