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Energy Efficiency

          Solutions for Hotels


          Main drivers

          • Differentiate versus competition through innovation, design & new functionalities
          • Develop identity of each Hotel Brand to give a clear and constant value proposition to the guest
          • Energy Efficiency is critical as it represent one of the main cost of the hotel and its cost is increasing.
          • Environmental friendly as a commitment of the company as employees as well as guests are becoming more and more sensitive to this.

          What can Schneider Electric do?

          • Guest Room Control - The Guestrooms represent around 70% of the space in an hotel and are the center of the Guest experience. Lighting, temperature & blinds, safe, Mini-bar, Door-entry system are some key elements of the room. Innovative solutions can reduce the energy consumption and increase the customer experience. Integration of the Guestroom to the Building Management System & Property Management System can as well increase value proposition.

          • Building Management - Hotels are complex buildings with several processes working in parallel: Specialized Guest Management systems, Specialized Entertainment Systems, HVAC Management systems, Entry & CCTV Systems. Those systems needs a strong IP infrastructure and a centralized point of control. Main benefit is the reduction of the investment, the maintenance cost and the increase of visibility on all the different processes. This solutions need to be adapted to the size and the complexity of each Hotel.

          • Energy Efficiency - Hotels are very sensitive to Energy Consumption and communicate on Environmental Friendly approach. HVAC, Hot Water, Lighting needs are found in public and private parts of the Hotels. Schneider Energy Efficient solutions can be adapted to the Hotel market taking into account the importance of the Guest comfort versus the economy.
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