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Solutions for Marine


Main drivers

  • Power Security: Optimisation of electrical power from gen-sets, load shedding and efficient distribution of loads, including electrical propulsion
  • Information Availability: Alarm system for monitor of engines, fluids, power, fuel, auxiliaries, etc.
  • Operation Efficiency: Management of engines, gen-sets, fluids, power & fuel consumption, pumps, compressors, lighting, cooling & ventilations systems, ship auxiliaries, etc.
  • Green Ships: Less carbon and more energy efficient
  • Security: For Mechant Marine – risks of terrorists & piracy, for Navy – safety systems for defence
  • Global Services Availability: Expected service availability in major ports

What can Schneider Electric do?

  • Power security and availability: through high performance LV/MV Electrical Distribution with Power Management Systems and UPS
  • Reliable Motor Control and Automation: LV MCCs, MV Motorpact with motor starters and variable-speed drives, automation solutions and alarm monitoring systems
  • Ship Management System: To be developed - a solution meeting needs of shipowners, comprising Citect and Automation offer.
  • Energy Efficiency: Network studies and implementation of energy efficient methods
  • Security for Merchant Marine: Access control and CCTV systems by TAC/Pelco
  • Security solutions for Navy: Safety systems and defence applications
  • Global Services Network: Multi-country service availability through SE entities at major ports

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