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Solutions for Retail



Main drivers

  • Construction cost and time reduction: Strong continuous pressure on Design & Build players to reduce
  • Operating costs: Retail is a razor-thin margin business, where every cent saved on cost is important and ROI is less than 3 years
  • Availability: Cash systems and lighting must be continuously operated
  • Lighting: Specialist and additional lighting to enable sales
  • Customers comfort and security: Customers’ environmental comfort and feeling of security boost sales
  • Energy efficiency for refrigeration:  Refrigeration, the n° 1 process for food retail, is consuming 35 to 50% of the total energy, with little being done to reduce usage and save energy
  • Environmental efforts:  Retailers need to be seen as environmentally friendly by their customers
  • Regulations: Energy regulations strongly develop in more and more countries
  • Energy price optimization: Energy market liberalization leads to centrally purchase for multiple sites & countries
  • Facility management:  Whenever possible, building Operation & Maintenance is preferred
  • Retrofit: In Western countries, installed base approximately 20 years old, heavy retrofits are going on, with energy efficiency requirements

What can Schneider Electric do?

  • Reduce construction cost by using prefabricated and type tested equipment
  • Reduce energy and operation costs by 5 to 20% with a 3-year ROI
  • Improve your image: Green buildings, cold chain quality
  • Secure controlled comfort for your customers
  • Focus on your core business by outsourcing building services
  • Get the benefits of increased skills by relying on building services specialists
  • Optimise your core business by outsourcing building services to improve building operation, comfort and sales area availability

Success Stories

  • Carrefour - Savings on electricity bills of around 23%

> Brookfield - Property manager cuts energy costs by 20%!
> Small Retail - Simplification the lighting distribution and operation yield 15% cost savings


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