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    Data Center Life Cycle Services: Operate

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      White Paper #178
      A Framework for Developing & Evaluating Data Center Maintenance Programs

      Inadequate maintenance and risk mitigation processes can quickly undermine a facility’s design intent. It is, therefore, crucial to understand how to properly structure and implement an operations and maintenance (O&M) program to achieve the expected level of performance. This paper defines a framework, known as the Tiered Infrastructure Maintenance Standard (TIMS), for aligning an existing or proposed maintenance program with a facility’s operational and performance requirements. This framework helps make the program easier to understand, communicate, and implement throughout the organization. Read White Paper #178
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      White Paper #2
      Top Ten Mistakes in Data Center Operations

      How can you avoid making major mistakes when operating and maintaining your data center(s)? The key lies in the methodology behind your operations and maintenance program. All too often, companies put immense amounts of capital and expertise into the design of their facilities. However, when construction is complete, data center operations are an afterthought. This whitepaper explores the top ten mistakes in data center operations. Read White Paper #2
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      White Paper #4
      The Importance of Critical Site Documentation and Training

      All studies of downtime in mission critical environments come to the same conclusion: human error is a leading cause. The most effective way to fight this threat to your business is with the double-edged sword of documentation and training.
      Properly trained personnel understand how the plant works, how to safely operate and maintain it, and what to do when things don’t function as expected. Thorough, accurate, and readily accessible documentation is both the foundation of this knowledge and the means of implementing it. The establishment of a comprehensive documentation and training program is a crucial but rarely achieved goal. This white paper describes a methodology for putting together an effective program that addresses the special requirements of critical environments. Read White Paper #4

    • One of the biggest challenges for data center professionals is managing the life cycle of data center equipment in a way that optimizes performance while reducing downtime. The Importance of Data Center Life Cycle Management

    • Data center owners should be asking themselves, “what are the important elements of an operations and maintenance program?” and “how does our existing program stack up? Mature Audiences Only: Data Center Facility Operations & Maintenance

    • Learn how a strong data center operations program is more important to the smooth functioning of company than the design of their data center. 3 Ways a Strong Data Center Operations Program is More Important Than Your Data Center Design

    • A partnership between facility management and IT will ensure the best possible data center design that takes into consideration the long-term needs of both operational areas. Data Center Operations Rely on Communication between Facility Management and IT

    • It can be difficult for data center operators to determine the appropriate level of maintenance for their facilities, especially if they are not maintenance professionals. A well-organized operations and maintenance program that is in sync with the risk tolerance level of the data center is needed. Assessing Your Data Center Maintenance Program
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      Take Control of Your Remote IT Environments

      4 Steps to Controlling your Remote IT Installations. Learn how Schneider Electric helped solve customer challenges Read More
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    Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Center Cost Calculator

    Impact of design attributes on cost of prefabricated versus traditional data center. Data Center Cost Calculator

    Data Center Design Planning Calculator

    Impact of physical infrastructure technology and growth plan strategies on key design parameters. Design Planning Calculator

    Schneider Electric Data Center Reference Designs

    Validated and documented plans for how physical infrastructure systems are to be engineered, configured, and laid out, as well as for describing which specific components are used. Schneider Electric Data Center Reference Designs

    Data Center Build vs. Colocation TCO Calculator

    Impact of data center attributes and pricing model on TCO. TCO Calculator

    Data Center Capital Cost Calculator

    Impact of physical infrastructure design changes on capital costs. Capital Cost Calculator
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    • Data Center Reference Designs

      Designing and building a data center can be a headache. That’s why Schneider Electric has mapped out an easy way to plan, build and deploy a data center with Data Center Reference Designs.
    • Data Center Life Cycle Services

      Life can be hard but running your data center doesn't have to be - at least when you use Schneider Electric's Data Center Life Cycle Services.
    • The Value of Data Center Life Cycle Services

      The role of data centers in business has never been more critical. Services are key to designing, starting up, and operating a data center at peak performance while assuring availability. Schneider Electric is here to help with our data center life cycle services offer organized under one Schneider Electric umbrella.
    • What Impact Does Fleet Management Have on Your IT Installation?

      Schneider Electric’s fleet management services can help enterprises achieve maximum uptime through around the clock monitoring of UPS hardware and other critical points within the IT environment.
    • Take Control of Your Remote IT Environments

      4 Steps to Controlling your Remote IT Installations. Learn how Schneider Electric helped solve customer challenges

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